EMBRACE LIFE:  Love yourself… Define your own Path… Choose YOU!

When setting goals, personal or professional, do you limit yourself because you struggle with self-esteem, confidence and/or anxiety, like I do.  Brutal honesty, right there! I’m not perfect…or even close to it. WHAT?

Why the heck would you lovely ladies want me to coach you then? Well, most importantly, I can relate to your struggles. Also, I became a Certified Life & Executive Coach/Brain Health Coach/Sport Psychology Coach and studied many disciplines to be able to develop strategies, modules, ebooks and many other resources, to help myself and help you!  

So, to NOT limit myself, I have to intentionally recognize my strengths, accept my weaknesses (yep!), put myself first, embrace my uniqueness (nice word for quirkiness), take charge of my journey and be true to who I am! How would you like to do the same?

I spent many years, a decade or more in fact, not doing any of the above mentioned due to an unhealthy relationship which resulted in my ongoing struggle with confidence and self-esteem, and eventually led to anxiety as a result of trauma. 

Oh ya – I also feared judgment in a big way! I found myself worrying about the thoughts and opinions of others, or being a “yes” person, overwhelmed trying to please others and myself with trying to be perfect. That’s a big no-no.

Does this resonate with you?  Do you struggle with confidence and self-esteem? Do you fear judgment of others?

You must take charge of your journey!

You are NOT your circumstance!



Don’t give others the power to shape your life.  Once you love yourself and are real with yourself, you can extend genuine and fulfilling love to others, as well as being true to you, and your goals.

“I don’t need the acceptance of others, I am not what has happened to me. It’s not selfish to love myself, and make happiness a priority. I am what I choose to become, I can be who I want to be. I love ME!”                                                                                                                                                                            – Krista Hill

The quote above is actually seven positive affirmations that I wrote for myself at a Growth Summit with Brendon Burchard in 2017, and they were an incredible tool for change in my life. These affirmations allowed me to see my resilience and live it!

Have you been thinking of making a change, doing something different for some time now?

I would be honored to be your coach, your accountability partner, your guide on your journey of personal transformation.

 What will I offer you?

My goal is to work with you for a short time, and have you walk away with strategies you can sustain successfully for your lifetime!  I will share my knowledge and resources with you in as short of time as possible, so you can invest more into yourself once you have these tools!

I am honest, positive and take a no BS approach 😉 

I will challenge, encourage and motivate you, while guiding you to shift your perspective on your journey of personal transformation.

I will stretch your limits, break through your barriers and instill confidence to allow you to love yourself, and love your story.

I will empower you!

I will unleash your potential!

I will ensure that you see life’s challenges as opportunities.

Together, we will change your mindset, reframe your world, raise your self-awareness and enhance your overall quality of life!

I will help you get from where you are to where you want to be!

Step into your power with me, give yourself permission, as we team up to overcome your fears, take charge of your journey, love yourself and Embrace Life!



Meet your Coach: Krista

 What will you gain?

You will embrace life – love yourself… define your own path… choose you!


What does “Embrace Life” mean for you?

It means, I will provide you with all the tools and strategies you need for your lifetime, AND you will be able to successfully sustain:

Prioritizing your own happiness

Feeling free to be YOU, and releasing your inner critic – believing in yourself

 Embracing all the crap the world throws at you

Gratitude, honesty, generosity, kindness, love, laughter and courage

Finding your voice and balance, by embracing your strengths, inner beauty and resilience

Not giving a damn who is judging you because you KNOW you are a kick-ass woman!



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