Do you have trouble prioritizing, and feel overwhemed as a result?

Are you easily distracted? Do you chronically avoid more difficult tasks? You may be a procrastinator, or a perfectionist… you could be both 😉

Does fear of failure limit you when setting goals for yourself? Would you say you struggle with confidence or self-esteem?

Do you feel like you are too hard on yourself?

Do you feel like something is “missing”?  Are your goals aligned with your personal values?

Do you set unrealistic or difficult to achieve goals?  Do you need an accountability partner to support you in setting measurable and specific goals with a deadline, and ensure you take action?

Are you juggling too many responsibilities and want to make more time for yourself and the things that you truly enjoy?

Are you frustrated or struggling with interpersonal or professional relationships?

Is parenting becoming an unmanageable challenge that others don’t seem to understand?

Have you been thinking of making a change, doing something different for some time now?