Meet Your Coach: Krista

  Krista D. P. Hill 

B.Ed, CCP, Master BHC, CSCP, Master LOA, CRCPimg_0195

I empower women to rise up, choose YOU, love yourself, find your power and boost your self-esteem and confidence while overcoming your fear of judgment.

I became a Certified Life Coach when I realized that on my own path to choosing myself, I became more self-aware, and this awareness allowed me to use my skills as counsellor and teacher to help others! I was able to view my life’s challenges as opportunities, despite my ongoing struggle with anxiety as a result of much trauma.

I was widowed at age 37, after 13 years of marriage, and this caused an anxiety I didn’t know was possible, and it held me back from actually sharing my story for over 6 years – the story of what really went on behind closed doors in our marriage, in our family.

My fear of judgment from others, my struggle to overcome my low self-esteem and reframe my negative thoughts. I had to learn to love myself more… even something as simple as accepting a compliment was, and at times, still remains a challenge. I am mastering my journey, as I help you with yours. And there have been and will continue to be bumps in the road… just being honest.

I thought that to be your Life Coach, I had to be perfect, despite my struggles. I had to overcome them in every way! But… no. My journey as a Coach has evolved into more than that, even I have grown.

“Admitting your weaknesses does not diminish your strengths: it shows your courage!” – Erin Andrews

We all have a story… a journey… negative and positive, happiness and sorrow.

My experience with trauma, grief and loss does not begin, nor does it end with my husband’s suicide in 2012, it is unbelievably and unfortunately a small part of the past several years. There have been other unimaginable struggles along the way as well. But my struggles don’t define me.

I embrace the journey, practice gratitude each and every day, and I address my own limiting beliefs with mindfulness, wellness practice, and personal/professional development, and self-care (this is something I’m still working on)… I am not going to claim to be perfect!

The struggle is real, ladies!

I am happy, very happy.

I have achieved balance and a fulfilling and authentic life. That is what my journey has evolved into.

That is what I want to help you achieve! And I will! I have been there, I know the struggle, the strength required, the encouragement and empowerment required from someone who understands. I will be that for you!

Let’s do this together! Let’s be kick-ass women together!

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What is a Life Coach?

A Life Coach is a professional who works with people who want to improve and live their lives to the fullest. A Coach offers new perspectives to identify hidden strengths, passions, and deep rooted desires of their clients. They help their clients create a plan of action to turn dreams into reality and provide support and tools to facilitate their objectives to reach those goals and attain dreams they didn’t think were a possibility!

A Coach is a strategist, realist, innovative partner and strategic thinker.

Coaching is based on accountability.

Accountability to your:

*dreams and goals

*specific action steps

*measurable results

It is this foundation that will create results for you!

I would love to know more about you. 

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