How I Will Empower You…

  • Have you suffered through unimaginable loss of a loved one? Are you currently struggling with a medical diagnosis or loss of a career? Are you a trauma survivor (abuse, violence, (witness to either); accident; natural disaster; war; terrorism; front line emergency work)?
    • Overcoming adversity, resilience, changing your mindset, the power to choose your own perspective on things; simple tricks to show up more positively, purposefully and live more consciously – this is how I will empower you! You will recognize your strengths, and the importance of sharing these gifts with others. Most importantly, I will make sure you know that your greatest asset is your belief in yourself! Resilience!
  • Do you spend too much time comparing yourself to others and worrying about the thoughts and opinions of others.  This can be overwhelming; you always try to “please”, you always feel “judged”.
    • I will empower you to release your “inner critic” – reframe negative self talk to positive, to take charge of your journey and not give others the power to shape your life.  Together, we will make you sparkle by boosting your confidence and self-esteem to new levels!
  • Are you consumed with taking care of loved ones and daily tasks to the detriment of your own self-care? You may even feel it’s self-indulgent or selfish to put yourself first.  Has the role of wife, mom, daughter, or professional consumed you and your identity? Do you struggle to set boundaries, put yourself first, make “you” a priority? 
    • I will empower you to learn to love yourself! Together, let’s delve into the foundations of self-care, and make it a priority in your life! Self-care and self-love are the cornerstones of a balanced and fulfilling life.  Your bucket needs to be filled too 😉
  • Do you feel “stuck”? In a job/career, relationship, city….  Are you struggling to determine what you want to do with your life? Are you unsure where to start or are you overwhelmed with possibilities?
    • I will empower you by raising your self-awareness. You will start with the “why”, then identify and unleash your strengths, values, beliefs, passions and determine your vision for the future. Your life’s purpose will become clear when you working from a value aligned, purposeful place with achievable long and short term goals, that I will hold you accountable to.


I will support you with an encouraging, authentic and collaborative relationship to achieve your goals.

Together, we will determine your intentions and goals, then create a structure to work toward those goals, that is both inspiring and achievable. I will provide you with the tools you need to empower yourself, to ensure success.  These tools will allow you to live beyond your limiting beliefs and show you what is really possible. You will begin to see benefits in all areas of your life!  The best part is… this is sustainable!

Once you begin to make this change, you are more empowered, more courageous, more authentic. You will become more inspired to embrace your journey, the good and bad, and practice gratitude everyday.  Not only will you have achieved the goal(s) you set out to achieve when you first trusted me to empower you, but you will be living a happier, more fulfilling life!