My Passions


I love to travel (ANYWHERE…ANYTIME)!

Being a mom fills my bucket everyday! I am blessed with a husband who loves me and sees all my magic, even when I don’t … and he takes the time to remind me of it.

I am passionate about volunteering; sharing a smile, words of encouragement or a hug with someone who needs it; art, learning weird random facts and information, watching my daughter play water polo, outdoor activities (hiking, beach walks, kayaking), and I love my furbabies, Oscar and Molly with all my being! I am always delving deeper into the studies of health and wellness, especially brain health!

I adore coffee, the Seattle Seahawks, babies, kids, teens, seniors, turtles, dogs, bunnies, goats, ducks, giraffes, manatees, dolphins, donkeys, horses, alpacas… all people and animals honestly!

Spending time with loved ones and friends brings me joy, as does meeting new people! As an introvert, I like to spend time on my own as well, as other introverts will definitely understand.

I am almost always smiling or laughing and can always find something to be grateful for, despite any circumstances.


I am passionate about overcoming obstacles and fears (and I have them… fear of judgment has been one of my biggest, along with fear of water), lifelong learning and education, gratitude, health and wellness; and I will encourage and support you to break through your barriers and discover your passions as well!