6 Month Coaching Program



Are you transitioning, or undergoing a big change or difficult circumstance? Do you need a strategic plan that includes digging deeper into self-discovery to meet your goals: your values, your fears, and your strengths, most importantly? We will commit to goal setting and achieving those goals. We will remove those blocks and create more meaningful life experiences for you each and every day! You have more to offer the world… we will make it happen together!

What You Get:

  • Meet & greet session, up to 30 minutes Schedule a FREE 30 Minute Session
  • Resources developed to suit your individual needs
  • Worksheets, pdfs, activities/exercises, articles, ebooks, resource recommendations and more to support your goals
  • 12 coaching sessions, up to 60 minutes each, via Zoom video conferencing, in person at my office (if in Victoria area) or phone sessions 
  • Post-session notes and Action Items provided to you via shared Google Drive or email after each session
  • Email support as needed

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Your investment in YOU:

  • 6 monthly payments of $500.00; OR one full payment of $2750.00
  • You will commit to digging deeper and prioritizing your own happiness.  You will focus on your strengths and create your own success story! No more BS… you know where you are now… and where you want to be! We will get you there, TOGETHER!