My clients are wonderful and  make me believe this!

Leane, in her 40’s, Canada

“I was in total imbalance and chaos before working with Krista.  I was struggling with depression, anxiety, and was extremely unhappy.  I felt ‘stuck’.  My mom told me if I wanted to change my life, that it was up to me.  I had a lightbulb moment: I need a Life Coach.

Krista was awesome from the start! She really listened during our sessions and provided very detailed session notes for me to read.  Very helpful and eye-opening.

Krista keeps it real.  She has an unbiased and realistic approach to life.  This allowed me to see myself through different eyes.  She kicked my ass when needed and held me accountable.

I really needed some clarity, and to find my ‘happiness’.  I ACHIEVED my goals.  Through goal setting, I was able to examine myself and move forward in my life.

I definitely recommend Krista as a Coach, to others!”


Julia D, in her 20’s, Canada 

“I think I was hoping to magically get answers and didn’t actually have a goal I wanted accomplished, which I’ve realized isn’t very realistic or the best approach.

Krista asked really good questions that brought new perspective to whatever we were talking about, which was so helpful in understanding what I was looking for and what was working/not working. She was always very positive and didn’t nix any possibility or opportunity before exploring it.  This made it really easy to be comfortable and to keep an open mind myself.

I think the whole process was really beneficial. I had regular check ins that kept me on task and helped me refocus on the big picture. I also had opportunities to get new perspectives on my challenges.  I took a more holistic view of my life and made little changes to each area to improve my life as a whole.

After coaching, with Krista, I do feel much better able to identify what I’m really looking for, and identify what’s holding me back or constraining me.  I now have strategies to help me set and achieve my goals, and also to improve my mindset and keep me movind forward.  I learned things I didn’t even know I needed; things that will help me throughout my life to identify and get the things I want.

I highly recommend Krista as a Life Coach.”